To ensure quality,  Athletics Canada requires that Run Jump Throw Wheel Instructors be led by trained instructors.

A variety of different training opportunities exist to become accredited as a Run Jump Throw Wheel Instructor.  Based on the target audience of programs and prior training of participants training is tailored to the specific needs of each group based on existing qualifications including HIGH FIVE®, Certified Teachers and NCCP qualifications in other sports.  The Run Jump Throw Wheel Instructor Training program is recognized as part of the National Coach Certification Program established by the Coaching Association of Canada.

Run Jump Throw Wheel Instructors is highly interactive with a majority of training time spent in the gym/on the field learning how to demonstrate and practicing the delivery of the track and field inspired activities and games described in the program’s lesson plans and activity guides in a fun, safe and developmentally appropriate manner.

Instructors are  recognized by the following statuses:

Instructors in training have participated in an introductory workshop familiarizing themselves with all of the core activities of the Run Jump Throw Wheel program, program lesson plans and how to lead small groups of participants through a variety of activities in a fun, safe and interactive manner.  Instructors in training should always be working under the supervision of a Trained Instructor or Certified Instructor who will oversee the selection of appropriate lesson plans and activities as well as group assignments.

Trained instructors have completed a full day workshop which provides them with the ability to lead and coordinate a Run Jump Throw Wheel program with one or more groups of participants, ensuring a fun safe environment for participants, application of appropriate skill progression and group management techniques. Trained instructors have also completed Making Ethical Decision Training and/or Evaluation administered by the Coaching Association of Canada, delivered independently from Athletics Canada’s instructor training program.  This training may be condensed for individuals who have completed complimentary training and certification.

Certified Instructors have an advanced level of training addressing practice planning and program management considerations, as well as having been formally observed in the delivery of the Run Jump Throw Wheel program and are qualified to lead instructor training.  Certified Instructors are required to participate in on-going professional development  to maintain their status as Certified Instructors.