A Run Jump Throw Wheel Delivery Partner is an officially recognized organization who delivers the Run Jump Throw Wheel Program on behalf of Athletics Canada and its member branches.

Do delivery partners follow a standard curriculum?

No.  Delivery partners are provided with a series of core lesson plans and recommended activities but are encouraged to adapt them to the local clientele and align with other program offerings.  We manage quality by insisting on the use of trained instructors.

I currently offer a Run Jump Throw program, do I need to add wheelchair activities to be recognized.

There is no expectation that every program offered will include participants in wheelchairs, but rather that participants with any disability, including those in wheelchairs, who present themselves to participate in a program will be welcomed and able to participate in an integrated manner. 

Should a participant with a disability contact you or your organisation about participating and you require guidance with regards to how to best integrate the participant into existing program, please write to runjumpthrowwheel@athletics.ca