Priscilla Lopez Schliep

Priscilla Lopes-Schliep

2008 Olympuc Bronze Medalist - 100m Hurdles

Remember to run over the hurdle instead of jumping over it. Hurdles is a sprint race, if you jump really high over each hurdle it takes longer to reach the finish line.

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Getting involved in Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel is easy – anyone can setup their own Run Jump Throw Wheel Program! 


Interested in offering Run Jump Throw Wheel in your school. Have a delivery partner come to your school or have your teachers trained to deliver the scholastic edition today.  Run Jump Throw Wheel Scholastic edition provides teachers with easy to follow lessons plans, organized by grade and plenty of tips and tricks to manage groups of varying abilities.  As a registered delivery partner you will always have access to the most recent materials as well as a do-it-yourself guide to organizing your own Run Jump Throw Wheel field day.  

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Sport Clubs

Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel is a great addition to any club program as a means to introduce participants to track and field and provide a valuable community service in teaching fundamental movement skills.  Offer the program in 4, 6, 8, 9 or 12 week blocks or as part of a sports camp to introduce participants to track and field or as means to teach fundamental movement skills as part of a multisport program. 

Already offering Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel or other introductory track and field/fundamental movement skill programs and interested in being recognized as a delivery partner, please tell us about your program and contact us. 

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Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel can be a great additional to any municipal recreation program offered in 4, 6, 8, 9 and 12 week programming blocks. Have your programmers trained, lesson plans specifically tailored to your programming needs and access to an on-line portal of additional resources and the ability to train your own instructors year over year. 

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Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel for Sport

Looking to add another dimension to your sport program?   Want to further develop the fundamental movement skills and physical literacy of participants in your program?  Have your coaches trained as Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel instructors and register as a delivery partner to access curriculum specifically designed to complement existing sport programs, or if you prefer have a recognized delivery partner come to you. 

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If you are already trained as an instructor, or complete the training.  It is easy to start up your own RJTW program.  Register with Athletics Canada as a delivery partner and access tools and resources to setup your own program.  Need insurance, promotional materials or other support, we can help.

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