Saskatchewan Athletics

Saskatchewan Athletics
2020 College Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 2W4
(306) 664-6744
Saskatchewan Athletics is a non-profit Provincial Sport Governing Body and is a
member of Sask. Sport Inc. Our mission is to promote the sport of Track and
Field, Cross Country Running, Road Racing and Race Walk by facilitating the
development and maintenance of effective programs, which assist athletes,
coaches, officials and volunteers in a fair and positive environment.

The vision of the Association is to develop the widest participation and highest
proficiency amongst the members of Saskatchewan Athletics. We will
accomplish this by:
a) Arranging or assisting in the arrangement of courses of instruction for
coaches, athletes, officials and other interested persons in matters relative
to the sport
b) Promoting or assisting in the promotion of national meets, championships,
competitions, demonstrations and events relative to Athletics
c) Setting and enforcing rules and regulations covering all members of the
association (in conjunctions with Athletics Canada and the International
Amateur Athletic Federation) and the repression of any abuses in the sport
by members of the Association.
d) Approving any competitor or team competitors chosen to represent
Saskatchewan Athletics in National, Regional or District competition either
in Saskatchewan, Canada or abroad.
e) Creating, stimulating and increasing interest in all matters of Athletics
f) Printing and circulating official publications and such other material as may
seem conducive to the objectives of the Association.
g) Without limiting the generality of the foregoing to do all things feasible for
the betterment of Athletics within and outside the province of

Saskatchewan Athletics was incorporated in 1974. We value its membership,
which includes fifty-five clubs with over 2,500 athletes, officials and coaches
throughout the province. We also have working agreements with the
Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association, the Universities of Regina and
Saskatchewan as well as several Aboriginal Sports Organizations. We are
committed to initiating programs for the enhancement of Athletics in grassroots
and youth categories, high performance development leading to
Provincial/National/International competitions and assisting with the integration of
Masters and Paralympic classifications into the mainstream of our sport.


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