Run Jump Throw Wheel Delivery Partners are required to have read, agree to and respect the following terms and conditions as registered delivery partners of the Run Jump Throw Wheel Program.

All delivery partners are required to have trained or certified instructors in place.  At least one instructor who has achieved the TRAINED or CERTIFIED status must be on site at all times during the delivery of the Run Jump Throw Wheel Program.

When registering, all delivery partners must provide a valid certificate of insurance for the activities they will be delivering.  For individuals and organization requiring insurance it may be acquired through Athletics Canada or a member provincial/territorial branch at competitive rates.

Athletics Canada may periodically conduct surveys of parents and/or program participants and instructors to monitor program quality and the participant experience. Delivery partners are expected to distribute these surveys on behalf of Athletics Canada and/or provide email contact information so that surveys may be sent directly to participants and/or their parents.

Individual delivery partners may adapt lesson plans and deliver the Run Jump Throw Program in a variety of ways which suits their individual programming needs in so long as program is delivered in a Fun, Safe and Inclusive manner consistent with principles of long term athlete development supporting the development of physical literacy. While programs are not required to offer programs which are specifically designed for participants with a disability, including participants in wheelchairs, all programs to be able to include these participants in their regular program. 

Each delivery partner is responsible for keeping all program information current including date, time, program costs and registration information for all programs within the delivery partner portal.

As a registered delivery partner you may use any promotional and resource materials made available to you through the delivery partner portal. Materials are not to be modified in any way without the written consent of Athletics Canada, other than where specific instructions allow for customization. 

Following the conclusion of each activity, each delivery partner must report on the number of participants (male & female) who participated in the program by way of reporting form provided by Athletics Canada.

Delivery partners are encouraged to use the Run Jump Throw Wheel mark on all program information as well as on their website, in so long as it is not modified in any way.

In order to ensure the safety of participants, all instructors must have undergone standard volunteer/staff screening which includes a police record check at least once every three years and be listed as instructors within the delivery partner portal.