Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells

400m Hurdles

Keep your arms relaxed when you’re racing. When you’re shoulders tighten up it makes it harder to run fast as you’re wasting energy.

20 November 2015

Athletics Canada Celebrates RBC Sports Day in Canada with Run Jump Throw Wheel Try-it sessions

On Saturday November 21 Athletics Canada joins in on the coast to coast celebration of RBC Sports Day in Canada presented by ParticipACTION, CBC and True Sport. Along with member provincial associations and local delivery partners, Hershey’s Run Jump Throw Wheel try-it sessions will be held in various locations across the country.

Hershey’s Run Jump Throw Wheel (RJTW) is a national program developed by Athletics Canada that teaches fundamental movement skills and develops physical literacy using track and field inspired activities, games, and skill challenges lead by trained instructors focusing on the fundamentals of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling (for children in wheelchairs).  To learn more visit

See below for a list of Hershey’s Run Jump Throw Wheel RBC Sports Day in Canada events


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